Artfully Wild BlogAlong : A Tiny Peek Into My Bujo

So, I have been bullet journaling for awhile. I never really show it though. A lot of it is art related work stuff that I can’t always show. It isn’t really artsy usually, but more strictly organization and keeping my shit together.

It works pretty well for keeping my shit together. And also random trackers for things like mood, habits, etc.

Anyway, I decided to create a visual rundown of some of the highlights of the month.

It’s cool to look at and see exactly what went down…

From releasing the second edition of my oracle deck and other proud art accomplishments, to fixing a car with my own bare hands and the activities with family and friends…

I also wrote about favorite books I read and songs I listened to.

I had to hide the bit in the corner, it contains information that is top secret.

Today’s pictures are courtesy of my phone, so parden the quality… Oracle pull was “Where can I focus my attention this week.” :

Until next time.

4 thoughts on “Artfully Wild BlogAlong : A Tiny Peek Into My Bujo

  1. Ah, bujo. I like doing it, and mine is also purely functional and more list related. I find that I have to use my passion planner to keep my life together. But I love me some lists, so the bujo helps me with that!


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