Artfully Wild Blog-Along Begins!


I told myself I wasn’t going to get involved in any daily challenges for awhile. I LOVE them, but… everything is so busy at the moment it’s already a daily challenge on its own. (lol)

But, here I am. I might blog everyday, I might not.

Recently, I dusted off the old record album I had started turning into an Alice In Wonderland inspired art journal. I started this baby many moon’s ago and then put it on my desk and literally didn’t touch it again.

Until this week.

Now I have some sweet journal porn:

Here’s the Cover:

Page 2:
Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have tea first?
(Correct answer is – always have tea first)

Page 3, Cheshire Cat :

Page 4, Absolem


Page 5, Drink Me:


And that’s it so far!

I’ll leave it off here for today… after a quick oracle pull:

What can I expect  from blogging everyday?”



11 thoughts on “Artfully Wild Blog-Along Begins!

  1. I used to be obsessed by Alice in Wonderland. Your arte inspired by it is simply breathtaking.
    PSSSSS: I told myself I would not get involved in any challenge or daily thing and here I am with you and starting the 100 day challenge in a couple days. Well…. we will see how both go.


  2. Amazed at your talent for all things arting 🙂 Makes me want to create using all the bits and quote bobs I have collected over the years. Here’s to inspiration!


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