Blog Along in September Day 28

Today’s nudge from Effy is, “Where are you at?”

Truthfully, today I feel like I’m running in circles. I opted to take a break from working – and that break is this post.  I’ve been diligently prepping for a new Patreon month, and two shows that are coming up SO FAST.

I have to have one of the shows totally finished and ready-to-go boxed up by Saturday afternoon, and the other one by Tuesday.  

I’ve been mad dashing to get prints – trimmed, bagged and priced, zines folded, also bagged and also priced, paintings framed, artist statements typed and printed, signage finished, books ordered and all the random odds and ends squared away AND AMONG ALL THAT, finishing up the editing on an hour + Patreon Lesson.

I also finished my contribution to a collaborative tarot project! Not to be confused with Weird Girls Tarot that I am working on with Sarah Trumpp – this one is a collaboration with a bunch of different artists. So, I only had to make one card for this, and I got to make my favorite – The Hermit! This is what I filmed for the next Patreon lesson too, because well – two birds one stone.


I also finished my first STORY ZINE called “The Introverts Guide to Having a Really, Really Great Day!” and I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. I gave one to my introvert friend and he totally loved it too.  ❤

(Pssst, you can find that in my store:

I guess this blog is pretty work focused because that’s where my brain is at right now, and it seems — all I’ve been doing lately.

Until next time.

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