Blog Along in September Day 24


I fell off the wagon as far as blogging every day goes. I’m not apologetic, it is what it is. Shit hit the fan mental-health wise and I just wasn’t feeling it.

BUT, back at it today. It’s been a long, long time since I cracked open and art journal and created something in it without a purpose. Everything has a purpose lately, and I’m so busy I am working constantly just to try to stay afloat. But today, today is TREATYOSELF 2017 and I spent some time for me.

Close up shot because that vintage photograph was found in an antique store MONTHS ago and it’s super cute and I had been “saving it” and today I was all, “What am I saving it FOR?” :


Today I also did something pretty freakin’ awesome. Talked the boy into letting me have a little art cart in the dining room so that when he’s in there hobbying away, I can hobby with him. Let me tell you, this thing is suh-weet, and I created this journal spread with some of the stuff I stocked it with. Hoping to find time to make a little vlog with the details of that cart later this week. Maybe for Patreon?

Anyhow, I also got pretty deep into bullet journaling this week and so far it seems quite a lot more fun that just a regular ‘ole planner, which I’ve used for the last year. I had gotten into bullet journaling last year and it fell by the wayside and I think it’s because I didn’t like the size of a travelers notebook. So now, I’m working in the famous Leuchtturm1917 and it’s going much better. Pictures of all that to come soon, probably.

I’ll close this one out with a majestic calendar-worthy photo of Kevin:


4 thoughts on “Blog Along in September Day 24

  1. I am a bujo’er too! I use my Hobonichi Cousin and I don’t do “traditional” bullet journaling. I’ve made some hacks that work for me!


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