Blog Along in September Day 10

Today’s nudge from Effy is to share something that feels like an autobiography.

I consider all of my art to be fragments from my soul, but this one especially holds a special place. Not only is it one of my largest paintings to date, but the idea for it arrived so ferociously that I *had* to bring it to life.

So, I did. Right down to taking a hammer straight to the mirror.

Yesterday I missed a day in this Blog Along project for the very first time. I’m not stressing on it. I missed because I was busy doing life living things. From crystal shops and sushi with my parents to a great Facebook live painting with friends and white russians.

Last night’s PanArt Live crew:

I ended up doing a painting of my spin on Dr. Jackyll/Mr. Hyde. I don’t paint men often (as in I can probably count on one hand all the times I have). I think it’s because, as a woman, I struggle to relate. Painting it live was a little nerve-wracking just because of the lack of experience. It all came together though and I’m really excited about this painting!

(The before and afters.)

Today I’m having a much more low key day that includes cleaning and re-arranging my altar.

5 thoughts on “Blog Along in September Day 10

  1. Absolutely love those fragments of YOU!! and it feels really special to have seen that …I know its out there for everyone to see etc ….but that post felt beautifully intimate and I really appreciate you putting it out there like that …..your artwork is absolutely gorgeous by the way ❤


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