Blog Along in September – Day 8

Whew, what a day.

It was actually a pretty good day… but when I got off work, we were running some errands and my car croaked. Left us stranded. We had to call a tow truck, but then the truck didn’t have room for us, so a friend picked us up so we could meet the truck at the car shop. While at the car shop, someone rear-ended my friend’s car. No one was hurt and nothing was damaged, but it was a series of unfortunate events and the cost of the whole ordeal was pretty stressful. Plus, who wants to be stranded with a 50 pound bag of dog food in the back after a day at work?!

On the plus side, my car (named Bonnie) is getting all fixed up and will hopefully be back in working order in no time.

What an ordeal. (that totally turned out okay and better than previously worried)

So today’s nudge from Effy is, “What do you do to foster joy? What’s your version of ‘flinging glitter in the trenches?””

To be totally honest here, I don’t consider myself to be a joyful person. That’s not to say I’m not very happy, but I am introverted, reserved and quiet – as well as suffer from the chronic resting bitch face. I’m also easily depressed and anxious. If I were a Sim, I would be the Loner/Moody Sim.  That said, I foster joy through things I love, people I love, art and music as well as tarot/oracle and crystals.

Lighting some sage and holding crystals can make a bad day okay. Also, plants – especially sunflowers. I also find peace in nature, hiking in beautiful places. In my town, there’s a conservation area that is heavily wooded and nestled above the Missouri River. It’s a pretty site to behold and it feels like one can see all of Kansas from there.

That brings me joy.

I’ll leave today with something beautiful:

Even though it has died, it is still glorious. I plan to honor its death via art. That will be incoming, but for now he’s in my broken car in the shop. 😦


7 thoughts on “Blog Along in September – Day 8

  1. In my humble opinion there is really nothing that a sunflower can’t make better. As for the resting bitch face, my daughter has one lol and we laugh because it makes the people in the middle of mall selling things and people on the street not approach her which is a bonus for me when I’m with her. Hail to the resting bitch face. I think your beautiful though. Have a better day tomorrow!


  2. I’m so introverted. I’m reserved and have been told to loosen up more times than I can count lol. Glad that no one got hurt and that your car is going to be good as new. Sounds like an eventful day, but not the kind you want.


  3. I’m an introvert, too. I do my joy warriorship in a fashion that’s limited by things like screens between me and *all the people* omg SO PEOPLY OUT THERE. ❤


  4. One of my friends is a pottery teacher (amongst other art things that she does) and once broke down with a huge 60 lb pot in the back of the car. It was wide and shallow and heavy and I don’t quite remember the end of the story.


  5. I love my resting bitch face. Often it is my true poker face. I had one before the internet lingo came about. I often wonder if i will ever snap out of resting bi tch face mode. Those around me joke about it. But it is part of me!
    So sorry about your car!


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