Blog Along in September – Day 7

Today I’m working at home – which means my work day is quite a bit longer than the days I actually drive somewhere to work. (Isn’t that how it goes, the old saying, “You never work harder than when you are working for yourself” ?)

I started out with COFFEE (of course!) and moved on to computer work. Which really just involves updating deadlines on my calendar, finishing up e-mails, messaging people back, sending off interview questions, and writing and sending off a magazine article. Whew.

Next up, I had to film and edit for my next artist gang design team post. I can’t show the whole thing yet, but here’s a sneaky peek:

I love that color combination – today I tried mixing and mingling two new supplies – pan pastels and liquitex ink. I also incorporated a poem from this week’s poet obsession : Amanda Lovelace (@ladybookmad on Instagram, if you want to check her out!)

I fell in love with her one day inside a Barnes & Noble as I sat in a oversized fluffy chair and read from her book “The Princess Saves Herself in This One”. I was low on funds, so I didn’t end up buying the book that day, but TODAY I have it being delivered from Amazon! Huzzah! I’m really excited…

Musically, I just finished off a Ween obsession that lasted for months – today, I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd.

After last night’s full moon, I’m dusting off and soaking myself in art.

Music, poetry, painting.

All three at once. ❤

Back to work!

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