Mixed Tape II Blog Hop! – GIVEAWAY CLOSED

I am so excited today!


Because I’m teaching in Mixed Tape II — alongside two of my favorite artists, Sarah Trumpp and Effy Wild!

Music has been a longtime passion of mine – from being a fan to being a musician myself. I even spent my teenage and young adult years teaching guitar, bass and banjo! Yeah, I LOVE MUSIC!

My other love is art. It just makes sense that the two totally collide in my world, so when Effy invited me to be a part of this adventure I couldn’t say YES fast enough!

THREE WEIRD GIRLS ON A GRAND MUSICAL ADVENTURE. Let’s get our hands painty, yeah?

You can sign up today and get immediate access to some sweet, sweet bonus content right now even though the class does not start until August 11th!
SO, you’re probably looking for more information on the course — here’s what to expect!
  • Instant access to “BONUS WEEK” which includes two different journal creation tutorials + access to Book Of Days Boot Camp & Succulent Stacks. This is available immediately upon your entry into the classroom.
  • Eight additional weeks of lessons – six by Effy, and one each by Cristin & Sarah.
  • Forever access to the classroom. Once you buy one of my classes, you *own* it. All content is also downloadable for your convenience.
  • Quality, full length video instruction + PDF walk throughs that include step by step instructions and supplies lists.
  • Access to Effy, Sarah, & Cristin for feedback & assistance in our private Facebook Group.
  • Alumni status that includes discounts on future classes taught in this teaching network.
  • Weekly playlists created by Effy to enhance your Mixed Tape experience.
  • Weekly vlogs with Effy that cover the lesson content + any musings that may arise as a result of student questions & comments.
  • A one hour “live” in our Facebook Group at the end of class to celebrate our accomplishments and close out the session.
  • Invitations to all future live events hosted monthly by Effy Wild.
About Your Instructors
Effy Wild
Effy Wild has been art journaling since 2009, and has been teaching on line since 2010. She has been in every year of Life Book since its inception and will be appearing as a guest contributor in “Create Your Lifebook” by Tamara Laporte. Effy believes in the power of art journaling in developing a deep intimacy with ourselves. She started with zero visual arts experience and has built up her skillset through experimentation and devotion to practice.
Effy will be using a diverse playlist to demonstrate multiple ways into visual journaling through music. Each lesson will include a full length video tutorial with a spotlight on a particular technique.
Sarah Trumpp
Sarah Trumpp (also known as Wonderstrumpet) is a muppet trapped in the form of a human who believes strongly in the value of white ink. Her personal motto is “feed your weird,” and she encourages everyone to let their inner weirdo sparkle every minute of every day. She is a mixed-media artist and art journalist who is ridiculously obsessed with music.
Sarah will be working with David Bowie’s “Black Star”, and walking us through the process of ‘storyboarding’ a song in our art journal.
Cristin Stevenson
Cristin Stevenson is a mixed media artist and teacher from Saint Joseph, Missouri. As well as creating traditional artwork, she also works for a few creative and design teams including Artistcellar, Donna Downey’s Artist Gang, and Canvas Corp Brands Crew. Her artwork has been featured in UK based “Mixed Up Magazine” and the French magazine “Scrap Magazine.” Most recently, her “Secret Project” exhibit opened at Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Cristin will be working with Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage” and walking us through the process of using collage to express how a song makes us feel.
How about a sneaky peek at what I’ll be teaching:


YOU can win a spot in the course! Yes, YOU! All you have to do is comment below and tell me why you want to win! Sharing this post on social media can also get you an EXTRA entry, so be sure to comment AGAIN and tell me where you shared!

That’s it!

I’ll pick a winner using random.org on August 3rd!

(If you already purchased a spot in the class it will be refunded to you!)


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