Watercolors and Mineral Paper

Hello again!
As artists, our art tends to evolve with us. New life experiences, emotions, inspirations and yes, even art supplies can all help turn our creativity in different directions.
Right now, the direction I’ve been taking involves mineral paper, watercolors and Artistcellar stencils.
I was over the moon with Lisa’s Artistcellar package containing the brand new stencils – Tibet Series Stencils. If you follow me through facebook or instagram I’m sure you have seen the stencils in action already… they made me swoon!
Today, I made a short little technique video to show you one watercolor/mineral paper/stencil technique that I accidentally stumbled upon and I LOVE!
I hope you enjoy the video I created for you today using The Tibetan OmBuddha EyesEternal Knot and Lotus Flower:
To showcase one of my favorite stencils from the set, I also created a couple of girls from the Lotus Flower stencil
I started with the stencil as the base, and then used a pencil to sketch the girl “growing” from the center. Next, I filled it in with watercolor and ink. 
The two girls below were both created on different paper, so you will see the dramatic change that using different paper can be. First is created on mineral paper, and the other is on a hot press watercolor paper.
And below, here are some examples of other paintings I created utilizing the technique demonstrated in the video!
With each new release, I’m always amazed at the magic Lisa creates with her stencils… and the resulting artwork to follow. I hope you will find inspiration with the new Tibet stencil series — and perhaps you discovered a new technique to play with today as well.
See you soon!

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