Painting with Frida (and DecoArt Media!)

This week’s inspiration is…
Frida Kahlo!
I have painted Frida numerous times throughout the last couple of years. I always seem to seek inspiration from her because she was such a strong, brave incredible woman. 
To start today’s Frida painting I used a large piece of watercolor paper and a base layer of ephemera and gesso.
To “glue” down the ephemera, I brushed DecoArt Media Matte Medium on both the watercolor paper and the top of the ephemera itself. Then, I used a light wash of white gesso to help push the ephemera back. Then, a light picture sketch of Frida (and some fun stencil elements from my friend, Sarah Trumpp!) before the fun begins – Color!
I used a multitude of fluid acrylics from the DecoArt Media line. I love working with this paint because it is so vivid and pigmented. The colors that I am using are: 
(I like to mix the Inference Gold with the Americana Glazing Medium and another color… one example of this is in the dress. I mixed the gold with the blue to add just a slight golden sheen. It’s a fun addition to mixed media products and not really something that can always be captured perfectly in a photograph. That’s what makes it fun.)
For the background, I also incorporated DecoArt Media Mister’s in “Shimmer White” and “Carbon Black”. 
To finish off the painting I also added fun extra elements with the 12 x 12 Americana “Mandala” stencil and a Uniball Signo UM-153 pen. White highlights are so much fun and really bring a painting to life. For this part, I use only a portion of the stencil and trace it with the pen, and then add a bit more texture with Titanium White fluid acrylic on a paintbrush, like this:
To finish the painting, I mixed some Quinacridone Violet Fluid Acrylic with Americana Glazing Medium and brushed it on the background to give it a tint. 
I hope you enjoyed today’s project! Until next time – you can find me on Patreon! 

– Cheers,


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