Making A Pendulum Board

Hello again!
This week I wanted to experiment with something I’ve never tried before — I know, risky, right?
Many years ago I inherited a pendulum from my husband’s grandmother. At that time, I didn’t really understand what it was so I put it away for safe keeping.
At this stage of my life I’m getting so intrigued by tarot and divination, I decided to pull the pendulum out!  But… I needed a pendulum board. Sure, I could buy one — but what about an Artistcellar inspired board?!
I started out with a a few small pieces of drift wood from the local craft store and practiced with the wood burning kit on some simple runes. With my background in tattooing, the soldering iron reminded me of a tattoo machine… a little bit different, but same concept right?
Once I felt a little bit confident I moved on to a big chunk of wood, and used an ink pen and the Metatron’s Cube from the Artistcellar Sacred Geometry 2 stencil set. 
When I finished inking the stencil design I added a little bit more doodles and then pulled out the soldering iron once again. 
Wood burning for the first time is a bit difficult, and I made quite a few mistakes… however when finished I decided I liked the grungy, not-perfect look of my board and couldn’t wait to use it for learning how to work the Pendulum and as a backdrop for tarot pulls!
I find Artistcellar stencils so mystical and inspiring for so much of my work. Another example of this is the Weird Girls Tarot Project that I have been collaborating on with Sarah Trumpp. Together, we are creating a tarot deck one by one. Creating the artwork has been joyous and I have used Artistcellar inspiration in many of them. 
How do you infuse Artistcellar into your magic?!
(To follow along with the Weird Girls Tarot project, click here:
I am also a teacher in an online collaborative art course all about journaling and creativity through Tarot and Oracle! Check out more  about Pull * Pen * Paint, here:
(To find prints of my tarot card art, you can find them HERE.)

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