Hand-Painted Tapestries!


Today… is ART DAY!

While shopping yesterday I found a really cool little tapestry and had to bring it home with me. After looking at it a bit I realized I could make them too… I can paint them with fabric paint!

My weapon of choice today is DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paint. 

First I grabbed a little piece of linen and tye-dyed it!

I let it sit outside in the sun for awhile to dry…

Once dry, I brought the linen inside and dried it just a bit more with the hair dryer. (Hoping that’s enough to “heat set” the dyes”)

I grabbed some Fabric paint and an Americana Mandala stencil. 

Using black SoSoft fabric paint and a paper towel, I used the stencil to create the design on the fabric. A lot of times I don’t use the entire stencil in a piece. I think it makes it a bit more interesting to use just a portion… like so:

   I finished off with a bit more stenciling, painting and added a “Relax” in the corner. I found that the fabric paint works really well with stencils on the fabric, and it’s very meditative and relaxing to paint as well.

Plus the colors make my soul sing!

    I’m going to be making more of these because they are just so much fun to make. Hope I can find places to hang them all! 

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