Gypsy at Heart

Hello again!

This week I have created a two-page art journal spread in my vintage ledger journal centered around — the Fortune Teller!

I was instantly inspired by the 7 Dots Studio collection “Fortune Teller” and felt like I just had to create a couple pages around it!

I started by gluing two pages together with matte gel to make the rather thin pages a little bit stronger and able to stand up to the layers I was about to throw at it. Then, I did a layer of white gesso over the top of the pages to make them that much stronger.

I found it a lot of fun to layer paper cutouts from the 7 Dots Studio “Fortune Teller”  and “Illumination” collection. For a little extra fun texture, I also added in some lace.

Next, I used Lindy’s Stamp Gang and Adirondack color wash to add some color to the page along with some black gesso. For extra texture I also love to use mica powder and art sugar to my pages. 
Finally to add some color to the portrait, I used some Prima Confections watercolors with a waterbrush. I think it really made the portrait pop, what about you?

Mixed Media Place supplies:

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