Handpainted Shoes with DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paint!

Oh hello!

I’ve been wanting to experiment with fabric paints lately… specifically, DecoArt SoSoft paint!

I picked up an inexpensive pair of canvas shoes at the store. The only pair I could find was white, but I really wanted them to be black. I decided to use some Lamp Black SoSoft paint and painted the entire shoe for the basecoat. I let it dry overnight, but it does seem like the paint does dry pretty quick. 

Next, I tried to use a stencil on the shoes, but because it wasn’t a flat surface and it moved on me, it didn’t work the best. I scrapped that idea and went on to painting mandalas on both shoes with DecoArt SoSoft “White Pearl” then layered it with DecoArt SoSoft in “White”, “Indian Turquoise”, and “Silver Platinum”.

 In the end, the design is pretty simple to do, and I really liked the way they turned out. The fabric paint that I used worked really well and still dried very vibrant. It was exactly what I was looking for… and now it has me going “Hmm… what can I paint next?”

Have you ever painted shoes or other clothing before? I would LOVE to see them!

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