The Labyrinth!

Hello, hello!
I recently received the most amazing package from Artistcellar and in it were the new stencils – The Labyrinth series!
I grabbed a square piece of matboard and applied a layer of white gesso to the entire surface. Once dry, I went in with each Labyrinth stencil and sprayed DecoArt Media Mister in “Carbon Black” and Adirondack Color Wash in “Butterscotch”. I let the two sprays mix together a bit and I loved the effect.
During the stage, I also used a paintbrush that was soaked down with water and some Carbon Black acrylic paint to create spatters and drips then added some more white gesso over the background I had just created, to move a little bit of the color and “busy-ness” to the back. 
While the background dried, I sketched out a hamsa on a separate piece of paper and then later used graphite paper to transfer to the matboard. From there, I painted in the hamsa using acrylic paint and Pearle pen in “Black” and “Ice White”. 
I wanted more dimension in the background so I used a palette knife to scrape a thick layer of DecoArt Media Crackle Paste throughout. When it dried, I used Dye-Na-Flow in “Turquoise” and then my hand to spread Inka Gold “Gold” into the cracks that the paste had created. 
In the end, I was so excited about the texture I had achieved and found the painting to be very interesting to look at. 

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