Petunia the Button Thief!

Hello again!
Today I wanted to paint a funky faerie — I started with a simple background on Mineral Paper using Prima Confections watercolors and Artistcellar stencil series in Diamond Series and Sacred Geometry 2. For this background, I just used a little bit of paint on a Koi waterbrush. I took care to pick up different colors of paint and not overlapping the stencils. I also added a few splatters and drips here and there. 
I really adore how the mineral paper reacts with watercolors and I loved the results when I picked up my stencil each time. 
Once the paint was dry I started drawing a funky faerie using a Scribe-All pencil and then filled it in with some more watercolor.
Now my  imagination started going wild with the story on this faerie. Ornery? Definitely. Ever wonder where that button went from your shirt? Or perhaps you knew you had some extras in the drawer over there… but they’re gone now. It was definitely her. Her name is Petunia and she is a button thief!
Using Liquid Glass I glued some buttons down to the page for her eyes, and then I sewed them with dark blue thread. I tied them off on the outside so that she could have eyelashes. 
I finished her with some white highlights here and there with a Uniball Signo pen and a little bit of Ice Stickles glitter… because every faerie *needs* a little bit of sparkle, right?

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