Artistcellar Sacred Geo 2 "Trust" Journal Page

All week I have been enjoying the opportunity to be inspired by the Sacred Geometry 2 stencils! I have been incorporating them into my artwork at every chance. Sometimes I have been using them as the focal point of the piece and sometimes I tuck them into the background for added interest and texture.  For this journal spread, I wanted the stencil to have the feel of the moon!
To start the background, I used some Eucalyptus and Java walnut ink and I let it drip down the page haphazardly. Starting a journal page with drippy goodness seems to relieve the pressure that everything *must be perfect*. It doesn’t have to be perfect! The worst thing that could happen? You have to tear the page out or cover it up with collage or gesso. Everything can be changed!

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali

While letting the walnut ink dry, I grabbed another piece of paper and used a palette knife with some modeling paste on the “Seed of Life” stencil from the Sacred Geometry 2 stencil series. Once dry, I added color withgelatos and stickles glue. For the gelatos, I just blended them with my hands. 

I also grabbed another piece of paper, and used a Distress Ink stamp pad with the Creative Words Pocket Stencil set.

I attached both pieces – the Seed of Life stencil page, as well as “Trust” to the art journal  with glossy accents and then finished with some sketching,  Dylusions ink sprays, and Dye-Na-Flow in “Midnight Blue”. 
Despite being rather simple, this is one of my favorite pages in my art journal because I allowed myself to work intuitively and just have creative fun with the pages. Give it a go, see how much fun you can have!

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