Art journal love.

You know what I love?

Finding unusual things for my art journal!
This weekend Frank and I went to a few antique shops to find some things for art journals.

Here’s what I found (in poor quality cell phone photos)

This journal is *AHMAZING* It’s pretty worn and it is going to need some love before I can start, but it’s so grungy and beat up and beautiful. 

Also discovered: 4 vintage photographs. At one of the antique shops we went to, there was a large basket full of them. I dug through to find the ones that interested me the most. I love the bottom left, he’s standing on a fence-post looking confident!

Last of all, a vintage copy of Alice in Wonderland that has been nommed by worms!

I have been tossing around some ideas with what I’m going to do with it, it also includes some really amazing artwork. 

Best part of all of this? I spent under $10.

I’m starting to get away from using regular sketchbooks and journals and more into vintage books because I like the character.

By gluing some pages together, and adding some gesso, you can make a strong enough surface to hold up against tons of layers. 

I’m currently working in a vintage book turned art journal!

At one point it was called “Hero Stories for Children.

Here’s some of my progress shots: 

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