Unleash your inner badass with me in the ONE BADASS ART JOURNAL WORKSHOP! + GIVEAWAY!!

I hope that you will join me — and DISCOVER YOUR INNER BADASS!

I’m going to be teaching in a collaborative online art journaling workshop for 2016!

In 18 weeks you will… 

Learn badass mixed media techniques.

Create a badass art journal. 

Learn from badass instructors.

May you be empowered to create badass art every day!

Join me for 16 badass art journal lessons…
from 14 awesome instructors! 

There will be… 

  • Step by step mixed media tutorials every week. 
  • Downloadable PDF’s!
  • Delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Access to a private Facebook group.
  • Long-term access

    Learn confidence, techniques, and feel EMPOWERED TO Create!

    Ready to sign up? Click here!

    A sneak peek of my lesson: We will discover new ideas and techniques by creating with supplies you might not normally consider. We will let go of the inner critic and we will make badass art!

Click here to sign up today and join me for 18 weeks of badass artmaking!

I can’t wait to see you there!

P.S. – From NOW until January 1st you can enter to WIN a spot in One Badass Art Journal by clicking this link and following the instructions! … GOOD LUCK!

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