Budget Waterbrushes, hoorah!

So, I first discovered the *magic* of waterbrushes when I received one in a Faber Castell set of Gelatos. Before that, I didn’t really understand or it just didn’t resonate that I needed them.

Anyway, once I had tried it, I was hooked. It’s awesome to have something like that on hand for when you’re away from home or just in a spot where it’s not cool to have a cup of dirty paint water lying around. (Waterbrushes = hellllllo freedom!)

You know what isn’t cool though? The price.

For some reason, to me… I would rather pay more for things like paints, pencils, etc… as opposed to the tools that you need to use them.
Plus, I’m still learning the whole, clean brushes and put away after use thing – you know, as opposed to leaving them sit in dirty paint water until they start talking to you.

I mean, I don’t do that! Not ever!

Anyhow, I was perusing Michael’s a few months ago and I spotted this set of watercolor brushes already filled with paint. It was a set of 8 (one of them is not pictured)… and I *believe* they were Recollections brand (but don’t quote me on that!) and I think it was only a dollar or two. 

(I have not been able to find them through Michael’s website, so check in the store for them).

 I took them home, tried them out.

They were awful. – That is, with the prepackaged paint inside.  It was like painting with food coloring, or maybe even worse? I don’t know. 
Not that I really expected them to be great, but I HAD to try them out of the package.

I pulled them apart, dumped the paint and removed the “guts”. My brushes came with these odd filters that were saturated with the prepacked color. I filled a bowl and dropped everything in some  alcohol and let them sit overnight.

After that, I assembled them back together and filled with water. When I discovered how awesome they are, and since I now have eight of them … I decided to get creative. I wanted different sizes, so I took scissors and cut away at them. Now, my little scissor technique may not *look* pretty, but that’s okay… they work great! Now I have 8 water brushes, different sizes, for like, $2 tops.


(It is stained that green-ish color, however the color does not come out on the page)

Have you experimented with any cheaper alternatives? I would love to hear about it below!



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