Progress (and things I’ve learned)

‘Ello again. 

It’s been awhile since my last Project update. You should know I’m pressing on. 

Currently sitting at 66 paintings out of 100 down.
I have 34 left. And 11 days to do it.

Things I’ve learned so far include:
  • 100 Paintings is a lot.
  • 60 days to do it is a push.
  • There will be burn out. Oh yes, there will be burn out.
  • There will be a lot of questioning about what to do next.
  • And a lot of internal fighting because you shouldn’t do another eyeball even if you really want to because you might have done too many by now.
  • Worry, because you might not finish in time.
  • Stress because what you’re doing might not be good enough.
  • Wondering – if you’ll even finish in time.
  • There will be days when your hair will stand on end.
  • You’ll make a mess.
  • Sometimes, you’ll throw them away.
  • You will have a lot of fun with the challenge of it.
Now for the photos – there’s a bunch of ’em. (20 to be exact)

I knew when I started my project I wanted to include a tattoo machine in some way. 


She’s a fun one… write side up you’ll see “I’m fine.” Upside down however, and you’ll see “Save me.”

Because I love a good vinyl record.

A dive into intuitive painting. At that particular time, on that particular day… without any thought to it. That’s what came out.

This sad little clown has come to the realization that it might not happen.
Also, Pink Floyd. I’ve always loved that line.

Another eye – I love ’em. 

More intuitive-ness.

The day I sat down at my desk to paint and realized I was behind. And panicked.

No pressure or anything.

I brought back one of my characters from the past… Elephish. I always loved him. He deserves to be here.

Another revisit from the past – because again, a favorite.

Baghead V2.0

Anyone remember this guy? I remember when I first made him – he was featured on Keep St. Joe Weird and again in St. Joe Live.
I should paint him again and leave him somewhere to be found.

Anyway, that’s the update. I’m out of here – I need to go paint, because again, I’m behind.

No pressure though.


P.S. – You can see the entire to-this-point 100 Project

P.P.S. – There’s also prints and totes and other fun stuff HERE. 

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