Confession time. 

I haven’t been able to complete anything for my 100 Painting Project since 05/16/15. 

I know.

Life and stuff has happened!
I’ve been pursuing some other art opportunities in the meantime.

Frank suggested that I put it on hold, told me I’m going to be too busy. But that’s not how I operate, I will continue, and I will complete by July 4th!

So, in that time I was asked to create some artwork for Deathwish Coffee Company!

So I made this:

I had so much fun with it. I used acrylic paint, along with brewed coffee and salt. 

I have two more coffee related commissions in the works, but they are still in progress. I think coffee art is probably my favorite type of art. 😉

I also looked back to one of my old drawings – stuffed away in a sketchbook, and I gave her new life.

Tina Belcher:

And I painted friends! :

I still have a small 100 Painting Project update for you, too. 

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