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This colorful mixed media project could be used in a lot of different ways – from canvas, to cardmaking, to art journals/journal covers.
It’s simple but still interesting.
What you will need: 
Ink Sprays (3 or 4 different colors)
*I recommend Heidi Swapp or Dylusions sprays
⦁ Fluid Acrylic (1 color)
*I recommend Golden High-Flow
Metal Embellishment
Paper or Fabric Flower
Piece of Tulle/Ribbons
Scraps of Paper
Gel Medium
Texture Paste
Heavy Watercolor Paper/Canvas/Journal for base
Start off by gathering your supplies.
Step 1:
Use a strong glue to glue down your ribbons, tulle, Fabric Flower and Metal Embellishments. Then use Gel Medium to glue down your scrap papers. Here I used scrapbooking paper and pattern tissue paper. You will want to use the gel medium on the back to adhere to the paper, but also over the top of the scrap pieces. Let it dry. 
Step 2:
Use a Palette knife and add some Gesso and Texture paste – with reckless abandon! Don’t worry about it looking like a big mess, that’s the point! It will be covered with sprays/color soon anyway.
Allow it to Air-Dry undisturbed.
Step 3:
Use your stencils to add in some color with ink sprays. I recommend choosing 3 or 4 (max) different colors that work well together. 
I also used a brush to add in some hot pink paint. I wanted it to be drippy, so I poured some straight from the bottle and let it drip down across the project.
I was originally planning on adding a drawing/quote at the bottom, but after I finished I decided that the piece was interesting on it’s own. However, if you want to add anything else in, there is some nice space at the bottom to do so.
That’s all it takes!
Happy Creating!

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