This is where I talk about art journals.

First of all, happy Friday the 13th!
So today, I want to talk about art journals, and why I love them.

January of 2014, I decided I would dive into the world of art journaling. Prior to that, I worked strictly on canvas. I always felt a need for perfection (well, not actually perfection — but I was always mindful about trying my absolute hardest). Anyway, what I found about art journaling, is that was MY space. My free space. Without care, without perfection. Where I could try out supplies, throw stuff at a page. Feel feelings.

You know.

So I set out in 2014 not knowing what to expect. Thinking I had to follow prompts. 

You know what I discovered?

I did not need prompts.

I was able to take my life experiences, and work things out on page.

I think everyone should try it.

Even if you aren’t an “artsy” type. There is still fun to be had, splattering paint, gluing collage, sticking in notes. Making a picture of your life. 

So I started with a Smash Book. 

It’s a type of book made by K&Company. It has all different types of papers in it, with all different images… and it has a pen, that doubles as a glue stick. You could start with anything though. You could use a composition book, a moleskin journal, hey, even a telephone book if you want. Grab some glue, some paint, crayons/markers. It only has to be as fancy as you want it to be.

There are happy entries, there are sad entries. There is life.

It is relaxing, it helps me find my zen.

I encourage you to give it a go.

Here’s some of my work from 2014:

That’s the cover, ^ created with mostly collage bits from magazines. Some alcohol ink, and reckless abandon.

And here’s everything else:

One thing that I discovered about Smash book was that the pages weren’t strong enough to handle the trauma I was throwing at them.

This year, I’ve moved on to a Dylusions art journal, which I’m having the same trouble with.

I think next year, I’ll be making/binding my own together.
Another thing that I changed for this year, I joined Life Book. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a year long artsy mixed media experience brought to life by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts.

Discover more here.

So if you want to do it….

Work with what you have, and take it from there.


2 thoughts on “This is where I talk about art journals.

  1. What a wonderful description of using an art journal! It opens the door to not having any fear when using an art journal. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this! And thanks for your entry for Mixed Media Mojo's Design Team call! ~Niki DT


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